Social Media Management

We create posts that follow a totally varied content calendar. From articles to engaging photos, compelling promotional content, provoking industry tips and interesting facts. Keep a consistent presence with your audience throughout social media with this service.

Email Marketing

Build your community, increase engagement and sales! We provide copywriting, stock images and research-based topics relevant to your niche market. Our base package starts with one automated email message per week and goes up to three automated email messages per week.


Social Media Captions

30 Days 

We will write engaging captions for your daily Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts. You provide us media options and we send weekly captions for approval. 1 revision per weekly batch of captions. Base price starts with one caption a day. Request a quote for more than one caption a day.


A bump upwards to 2-5 times as much engagement then you typically would currently see.  Custom graphically enhanced and watermarked posts published to your Instagram 5 days a week. Organic targeted followers with boost engagement on your posts and stories. Build a presence that delivers ROI on Instagram's platform of 1 billion monthly active users.


Facebook & Instagram ADs

We create custom AD creative and messaging development with complete tracking and analytics. We manage daily KPI's for Small Businesses with AD budgets up to $2000/month.


Website Development and Maintenance

From simplicity to edgy or entertaining to educational, our web design team has no limitations when it comes to helping you achieve the look and functionality of your website and/or landing page. We provide an optimized website with a call to action, concise brand information and a simplified contact lead form.

Web Design

Video - Storyboard, Film and Edit

Cutting Edge

We develop, outline, film and edit video content for your digital media platforms. Our Creative Director Mychal Scott will WOW your brand with custom and engaging visuals that will capture and convert your audiences attention. We are Los Angeles County-based and are available for paid travel projects.

Commercial Copy

Engage & Influence

The key to effective brand communication and consumption is GREAT copy. Our team of writers will ensure your copy comes across and impacts readers in a clear, concise way and makes your business their primary choice when in need of your products or services.

Recording Studio Mic_edited.jpg

Radio AD Development and Voice Overs

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Audio can make or break the connection between you and your target audience! Crystal clear audio, original music, a catchy jingle, and the perfect voices to communicate on behalf of your business? Look no further and trust Scott Squared Media Solutions to deliver the creativity your radio advertisement needs!


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We provide high-quality customized industry-standard animation for your business. Animation is one of the fastest growing tools in marketing and advertising. Animation is 4.5 times MORE effective and you're creating a recognizable face for your brand.

Graphic Designer Desk_edited.jpg

Graphic Design

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Aesthetic is key when competing for the attention of your consumer base! Our graphic design team is highly skilled and will work tirelessly to achieve the most impactful branding and desirable aesthetic, central to you and your company's beliefs.

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